Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deck the Halls

We were walking out of a nursing home and had just finished singing our set of Christmas carols and other songs meant to spread some holiday cheer. A worker at the nursing home had told us that our performance had probably made their whole holiday season. And although I felt good about being able to brighten up someones day, I couldn't help but wonder why seeing our performance alone would make up their whole year. Why were we the ones making their holiday season instead of their family? Why were they sitting in that room by themselves, watching us perform, instead of being at home?

I know that many people are unable to care for their aging parents due to medical issues that are too difficult to monitor, and money issues. And I know that putting your parents into nursing homes isn't uncommon in America. But personally, I don't think its a proper way to care for the ones you love. Parents are they ones who raise you, ones who care for you when your sick, who feed you when your hungry, and always love you. So why do we find it okay to just throw them into a nursing home to become someone else's business when they grow old? Why can't we show them the same kind of support they showed us?
I understand that some people don't have any choice but to put their parents in a nursing home. But for those who don't have to, I think that they should find a way to take care for their parents themselves. Don't leave the responsibility of brightening up your parents' days to total strangers.