Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Just this summer, the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, China was packed with athletes and fans from all over the world. Just from my television, miles away, I could feel the drive the athletes had as they tried to win over the medal for their country. And I could feel the pride the fans had as they cheered on their athletes. It was a magical place this summer, a place that everyone had their eyes on. But now that the crowd is gone, and the cameras are put away, what is to become of the stadium? Well lets just say that the only medals that are given out in this stadium are the ones from the stadium's overpriced gift shop. In order to keep up with the $8.8 million dollar upkeep of the bird's nest, there are plans to turn the stadium into a shopping, entertainment, and tourist center. 
Its funny how things change like that. One moment your on the top of the chain, and the next you fall all the way to the bottom. But I guess we see this pattern in life constantly. Like, your 15 minutes of fame, the fall of the Roman Empire, and the exile of Napoleon from France. Its too bad that life works that way, that no one can always have what they want. But maybe that is life's way of helping us out. I mean, as people, were never really fully satisfied unless we are rising up in some way. With out this rise and fall of life, I don't think anyone would ever really be happy. So, thanks life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Motion of the Ocean

      Well we've all been through it before. One moment, your just lounging out on the deck, and staring out onto the horizon as the boat's bow glides through the Blockquotecrashing waves. The next, it hits you. Your head starts spinning. You need to lay down. Your stomach feels queasy and your overcome with the desire to have your feet firmly planted on solid ground. You gotta love motion sickness.
Over winter break, my family and I went snorkeling in Key West, Florida. And don't get me wrong, being able to swim above sea turtles and actually see the variety of fish under water was probably one of the most freeing experience ever. The trip would have been perfect had it not been for my 22 year old cousin who was curled up like a baby in the corner of the boat. About 10 minutes into the boat ride, he had felt the sea sickness settle in, but I didn't know how to help him. So I decided to look up a couple different ways to minimize motion sickness and here's what I got:
1. When the brain interprets movement, it matches with what our eyes see. If our eyes see movement as we are feeling it, you'll feel fine. So when your on a boat, look into the distance to see the motion that you're feeling.
2. Always sit facing forwards towards the direction that you are moving.
3. Don't read.
4. Don't eat food that generally don't agree with your stomach before your board the ship.
5. Don't talk to others who are have motion sickness, it may make you feel worse.
Well hopefully these tips will help you the next time you feel the motion sickness monster creeping up on you. Sail on!