Sunday, March 15, 2009

Technology Addiction

This past weekend, my friends and I were asked to sing at a benefit concert, and naturally we were all excited for this opportunity. The gig was downtown, and our teacher told us that we had to provide our own transportation there. Basically the farther we drove away from home, with only our sheet of directions to guide us, we began to feel more and more insecure. Somewhere along the way, we had followed the directions wrong and ended up in some random part of town. We called our teacher freaking out and he very calmly told us to start heading south on the street we were on. That sounded easy enough. The only problem? We had no idea which direction south was. 
It was then that I realized how dependent we are on technology now. The only way we would made it on time to the concert without help from our teacher would be with a GPS system. We had no sense or direction at all. After I got home, my mom told me the key to directions in Chicago that she thought everyone knew.

That the lake is to the east.

Had we know that information, we would have gotten there 40 minutes earlier. Though technology has given us many opportunities, it has taken a lot from us as well. We have been so used to holding technology's hand that it is hard for us to off on our own, and this is something that should be changed.