Monday, April 27, 2009

TV On the Web

Who has time nowadays to watch their favorite television show on tv during its alotted time slot? Sitting in front of the TV on a school night while the homework keeps piling up just doesn't seem possible to me anymore. On primetime on Thursdays, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Ugly betty are on, three of my favorite shows. The time I get back to school after rehersal to getting to bed at a healthy time is only 4 hours. If I watched all three of the TV shows, that would only leave an hour for work, so watching TV is just not practical. As everyone in the world gets busier and busier, television shows are trying to get their shows viewed as much as possible. And thanks to technology today they have many different venues to get more hits than they would on TV.

Though as a fan of the TV shows I greatly appreciate being able to catch up on my shows online, the cable companies are not as happy. They are afraid that now primetime shows are becoming available online for free, they won't find the need for cable anymore. I think that they shouldn't worry about this though because though many people do watch their shows online, there are still avid fans who make sure that they get their shows watched. And this would be bad for those who do not have internet and miss their shows. Getting rid of the online community of fans would be a mistake that would make views drop drastically. Lets just hope that the cable companies don't do anything too crazy anytime soon. There would be a lot of frustration coming from many people who don't get their weekly fix of primetime drama. Thats for sure.