Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dropping Gas Prices

My brother texted me this weekend informing me that gas in over in Indiana was $2.99 a gallon! I knew that Illinois was known for having a higher price in gas, but compared to the $4.35 a gallon prices that we had to pay this summer, there really was a drop. Yesterday, the gas prices dropped 4.4 cents, making the total drop from the day before 10.3 cents. Though most gas prices are only 25 cents away from the $3 mark, the prices are still are about %20 above what they used to be years before. So what is the cause for this drop?
First of all, the gasoline prices were raised during the summer naturally because all of the traveling and vacationing that occurs. The higher the demand for gas, the higher the price. Also, the oil refineries were ruined by the various hurricanes that rolled over the Gulf of Mexico this summer. But now, the hurricanes are gone, and and the economy crisis has come on to play, so the prices are beginning to drop. People are becoming very worried about the economy and trying to save their money, which involves not driving around their cars as much and having to worry about the high prices just to fill up their tank. The low demand for gasoline has caused the prices to drop, just like how the high demand for gasoline in the summer caused the price to rise. 
As the weeks go on, there will probably be a continued drop in the gas prices. But will they rise once again when people begin to take advantage of the lowered prices? Only time will tell.

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Cheesehead said...

Gas prices in Illinois really have gotten ridiculously high lately with the whole economy crisis. It has now become where we have to spend around $100 for a full tank of gas, which is amazing. Hopefully, the cost of gas will start to decline and return to what it was just a few years ago.