Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bipolar Weather

One day, its 60 degrees out and we are walking around with just a sweatshirt on. The next day, we walk outside. There's snow. What is going on with our weather?! If anyone doubted we were having global warming issues, they should now. This constantly changing weather is definetly not a sign of a stable global status. So what is it exactly that we can do?
Here are some tips to help with our enviornment:


We can reduce the energy we are using by turning off the lights when we are out of the house.
Cut down from a 20 minute shower to a 15 minute shower.
Unplug some major appliances in your house when going on long vacations.


Use that extra unwanted paper as scratch paper instead of grabbing a fresh sheet of computer paper.
Reuse plastic bags from grocery stores.


You can recycle: papers, plastics, old cell phones, old printer cartriges, water bottles.
Recycling all of these items can help reduce the amount of garbage that piles on our planet, and reduces the amount of resources that we use.

Hopefully more of the world will try harder to work together and get our planet healthy again!


B. Williamson said...

I totally agree! Today it's March 5th and it's 65 degrees out! But the other day, it was snowing and 15 degrees out. There's definitely some climate issues going on. The three Rs are a great way to save the environment, and eventually, the world.

Cheesehead said...

This weather is ridiculous. It was around 80 degrees this past Friday, and then over the weekend it dropped back down to the 40s. We've had almost 6 straight months of pure winter weather. I just want to see summer!

Peter44 said...

I hate bipolar weather! Just this weekend I was at the airport in Cleveland waiting to come home to chicago where it was 85 degrees, but in a matter of minutes there were thunderstorms and the temperature dropped to 40. I ended up being stuck at the airport for 7hours. It was not fun.